Double the Efficacy of your Liquid Fertilizers

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Recently, an excited fertilizer producer visited me at 1st #EnviroSafety, Inc.

He had tested and confirmed that #BioWash Soil Amendment has immediately visible benefits on growth and yields. But his excitement was the result of adding a small amount of BioWash to his fertilizer.

He was astounded by the results.  Adding #BioWash had tripled the normal results of his #fertilizer!

He demonstrated his test results by laying both hands on my desk. He said: “When I add my fertilizer to plants, it does this.” (He raised his left hand several inches.) “When I treat with BioWash, it does this.” (He raised his right hand several inches.) “But when I combine the two, it does this!!! (Lifting both hands head high.)

He had observed immediate and visible growth improvements with only one (1) gallon of BioWash per 250 gallons of his liquid nutrients.

 He theorized

  1. 1. BioWash is an exceptionally effective cation exchange stimulant. (It is NOT a fertilizer)
  2. BioWash dissolves fertilizer particles, reducing them into elemental ion This makes them more readily absorbable via foliar, basal or systemic application.
  3. By increasing ease of absorption, plants need less energy to “digest” the nutrien The unused energy is converted to faster, hardier growth and increased yields.
  4. He also reported that BioWash enhanced the effectiveness of his insecticides. He insisted that it will enhance any fertilizer, whether natural or synthetic.

But why accept the excitement of the competitive fertilizer producer? Why not do your own tests?

 Potential benefits to you:

Adding a small percentage of BioWash to your products may

  1. Visibly improve their results, thus pleasing your consumers
  2. Improving customer yields increases your sales and profi
  3. BioWash adds little to your costs. It is priced as high quality soap.
  4. BioWash is blended primarily from farm grown ingredien
  5. BioWash qualified as a USDA #Bio-Preferred product… safe enough for bathing.

Call me and I will send enough to turbo-charge 32 gallons of fertilizer, insecticide or herbicide. Applied alone, BioWash increases growth and yields. Combined with your product, results could be astounding!

Ted #Tidwell, Formulator & CEO

1st Enviro Safety, Inc

10200 Betsy Parkway

St James City, FL  33956

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